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Slag Pot Carrier. Codelco Chile Division El teniente  
JCF Engineering Ltd., has developed a joint work with Kress Corporation, oriented Technical Advisory bidding process, which ultimately ended in the award of the Purchase Order from Chile Codelco's El Teniente Slag Pot Carrier Truck model P240CSE of Kress Corporation. The Kress Slag Carriers, are on the market since 1965, as its trajectory and high quality standards have positioned the brand as a leader in the sector of foundries and blast furnaces. Kress understands the needs of each of its customers designing and manufacturing the best model that fits the technical and vials of each site, recording a self-designed for each user. Her signature giving each company. These conveyors are available in two basic versions, the number of transport and dump. This latest version can flip through the back or side, and can accommodate up to 500 tons, not insignificant, given that Caterpillar scrapers are modified. JCF Engineering currently has in addition completed bidding process also concluded that the award of the Purchase Order by Slag Pot Carrier Truck for Codelco Chile El Salvador.             JANUARY 2013: Model Slag hauler P240CSE of Kress Corporation is in ocean transit to Chile, which will arrive in late January 2013 and will be delivered in El Teniente. It also highlights the physical participation of company representatives Kress Co. for induction and training of equipment use.
PARTNERS Kress Corporation - Johnsons - Great Lakes
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